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Nail salons are poping up like mushroom at every where or at every corner of your neighborhood. You can go anywhere in town and get your nails done. The prices vary greatly depending on professionalism, cleanliness, and highly-skilled technicians. Recently, Nail fungus and other diseases are widely known to occur in unsanitary salons. Cerritos Nails & Spa was built to comply with the new regulation of the Board of Costmetology for the safety and protection of both consumers and the practitioner.

Our nail salon is free of trash and set with clean, sanitized instruments. We focus on implementing adequate ventilation for release of fumes created by artificial nail products, nail polish, or other chemicals. Most importantly, clean, fresh towels and implements are used for each client. Our operator complies with the Board's regulation by putting a clean towel on the workstation before starting the service. Our operators are required to disinfect all tools and instruments and wash their hands before working on a customer.

Getting a manicure is a personal experience. We make sure that you are someone that would be deemed personable and pleasant, and the experience will flow smoothly right from the start. Remember, The best manicurist is the one that holds a hand with confidence, not too tightly, and not too loosely. A manicure can either feel good, as if you're getting a gentle massage, or feel as if someone is working on you. Half of the service is what the client gets while she is there, the other half is what she leaves with. Good manicurists are hard to find.

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